Musical tastes are something very personal, and (at least for me) are in a constant state of evolution. Tracks that were once played relentlessly may fade into obscurity as newer discoveries come to the fore. Or they may stick around like a comfortable pair of jeans; bringing a state of comfort and contentment every time you ‘rediscover’ them at the back of the wardrobe.

My taste is music has gone from spending years on end hyper-focused on a single niche subgenre (hello Martial Industrial 👋), to today where I find myself enjoying a variety of genres and subgenres on a regular basis. This variety is something I endeavour to bring into my performances, to keep things fresh for myself and the audience, as well as the freedom it brings to the vibe I can create. Having said that, I’m also quite happy to crank out a three hour set of bone-crunching techno when the urge arises!

Sea Shanties

Aside from DJing, I really enjoy singing sea shanties and folk songs with a group of friends. Though I confess my contribution is not so much singing ability as it is enthusiam for said singing! It was very weird (but rather nice) to see sea shanties getting more recognition when a chap went viral on TikTok singing Wellerman in the summer of 2020. I’ve been fortunate to see The Longest Johns and Kimber’s Men live, and they are well worth a watch should they come to your town.


In the interest of learning more about music in general I started learning the Tin Whistle at the start of 2020. I didn’t get very far, though my neighbour assures me I can do a passable rendition of the Russian National Anthem(!). I’d love to learn the piano, though I feel that I am a bit too old to start.