I/O ERROR | A Dark Synthwave Mix

I’ve absolutely fallen in love with Synthwave and its subgenres of late, and this is my first recorded mix.

For your listening pleasure I present I/O ERROR, a Dark Synthwave mix with a heavy dose of Cyberpunk with a smattering of Outrun.

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  1. Beyond Atomic – Electric Eyes
  2. Daniel Deluxe – Darkness
  3. Lazerpunk – Wraith
  4. Bad Proxy – Reanimation
  5. Midnight Danger – Death Comes at Midnight
  6. Dance With the Dead – Hex
  7. Occams Laser – Abandoned Vows
  8. Roborg – The Legacy of Humanity
  9. Donbor – Grey Sky
  10. Mega Drive – I Am the Program
  11. DEADLIFE – Zealous Veins
  12. Megahit – Terminate
  13. Jon Rob – Razor Girl
  14. We Are Magonia – Terror
  15. DEADLIFE – Illuminate the Dark

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