Club Ready DJ Course – Week 1

Being my thoughts on first week of the Club Ready DJ Course, an online course by Andrew Duffield of Sydney DJ School.

When I decided to get back into DJing at the start of 2020, I started the way a lot of things start in current year – with endless YouTube tutorials. There were a number of creators with very similar content – some good, some not so good. These helped get me off the ground so to speak, but it was when I stumbled upon the Club Ready DJ School channel that I found a teacher that was really inspirational.

Andrew Duffield creates such a relaxed vibe in his videos, but they are chock full of informative content. After watching them for a few weeks I shelled out for his course – Club Ready DJ Course. It was a fair outlay, but looked like it was worth it. In 2020 I worked my way through most of the course, but never completed it.

Fast forward to a month or so ago, and I received an email saying that the course had been restructured and moved to a new platform. Part of this was that any saved progress would be lost. I figured this would be a good opportunity to revisit the course in the new format, and complete it (at last!). The course is now divided up into “weeks”, so I will be completing each week and jotting down my thoughts on this here blog.

Week 1 Content

Week 1 Content

Week 1 is very much a foundation, and this is clear from the content; introducing the learner to the various equipment and software they can use, and where and how to start assembling their music collection. These overviews were all very good, though if I had to nitpick it would have been good to see the Denon Engine DJ software mentioned (though it’s rather lacking in some key features compared to the competition).

I really like that he immediately throws the learner into beat matching, and even phrasing! The latter is unusual to see in beginner content, but is so key to making good transitions so it’s great to see it mentioned so early on. The conditioning exercise at the end was rather fun, mixing back and forth between the same track, ensuring that it is mixed ‘in-phrase’.

That’s week one complete. I believe week two is a direct continuation on from the above, so I guess I’ll get stuck in. See you next time 👋